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Westwood Fibre Ltd. is a Forest Management company that has operated in BC for 35 years.  It supplies timber evaluations, harvesting and log sales to private timberland owners.  Westwood is committed to Sustainability Standards and provides a timberland owner with all of the information they need to make an informed decision about harvesting operations.  We have an extensive record of helping owners of small private property, ranch owners, resort owners, and First Nations achieve their harvesting and financial objectives.

Westwood also buys private timberlands and assists owners of timber sales and woodlots to achieve maximum log sales benefits through Westwood’s log marketing program.

Our headquarters are in Kamloops BC but we work throughout the Interior of BC and have conducted periodic operations in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.

Westwood Fibre is the authorized dealer for the “Chambers Deliminator” flail sales in Canada.

Westwood Fibre is a partner in BC EcoChips Ltd and operates a whole log chipping plant at OK Falls in the Southern Okanagan.

OpenQuoteOur mission is to help landowners extract wealth from their timber resources while preserving and enhancing their forests.CloseQuote

If you would like more information about our forest management services, please contact us at Westwood Fibre Ltd.